Privacy Policy & Terms and conditions

In the following text the word : 

    ”Artist” means Daniel Dion ( independent artist ) 
    “tier (s)” means one or more persons, organizations or external companies in which the artist is not included , 
    “public” refers to a virtual media such as internet, mobile, radio available to the general public and a public place or establishment, 
    “product” means any kind of products such as artist sheets ( sheet music ) , digital files (wav , mp3 , avi , mp4 , etc), physical CD and DVD , music, songs, lyrics , photos , video, download card , on-demand viewing , etc., 
    “reward” amount 100% at the discretion of the artist and without obligation to issue from the artist, 
    “broadcast” means to make public with reproducing a product or other, 
    ”designated site” means a site where the artist has released a content or product. 

Privacy – Personal Information 

This site respects your privacy and no personal information is stored. 

When you make a purchase online, your information will not be transmitted to the site except your email address and your shipping address if is needed to send a physical product. No personal information is shared with third parties. 

Your email and mailing lists 

Your email address may be stored if you sign up to mailing lists on this website to be updated . Your email address is not shared with third parties. 

Independent artist 

The artist works as an independent artist, As composer, songwriter, singer, musician, editor, director, producer, manufacturer designer and distributor. 

Royalties & Copyrights 

Website and their textual content, audio, visual or otherwise, are the property of the artist. 

Physical and digital reproduction 

It is prohibited to reproduce the works of the artist on physical and digital media (except for your personal use – private copying), whether on CD, vinyl, wav or mp3 files or otherwise, without the written consent of the artist. 

Public Release 

In terms of reproduction and distribution of music and other songs or artist through performances and other public places (physical and virtual) please contact us to get the license for your project. 

Products on this site 

The products on this site are the property of the artist. 

Sale of products 

Only the site is designated by the artist for online store. 

Fight against piracy 

Do not hesitate to contact us if you believe one or more products of the artist published without permission. Reward is promised to the people that can help in the fight against piracy. (Of course, a reward is determined by the artist for each situation. Artist reserves the right to award or not award ). 

Changes & Update 

The artist reserves the right to modify the Private Policy and the terms and conditions at any time so that they are always up to date.